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Аккорды, видео к  Electric Light Orchestra "Eldorado"

(D)Here it comes another (C)lonely day (C*), (G)Playing the game (Em)I sail (Bm)away on a (Dm)voyage of no (Dm*)return to (Am)see If (Cm3)eternal life is meant to (G)be (Bm) And if I (Am)find the key, to the (Cm3)eternal dream -(D) The painted ladies of the Avalon, play in the sun take to the road, To the north there lies the chills of cold To the south there lies the tales untold But in between there lies the place to close your eyes, Chorus: - and I will stay (G B7 Em D C) I'll not be (G)back, (Am)Eldorado (Cm3)I will be free (G B7 Em D C) of the (G)world, (Am)Eldorado (Cm3- D) Say goodbye the city's heroes sing, Bird on the wind, Feel feel so free, through the life upon the rooftop haze, All the cheating and the broken days, So through it all I see, there's nothing left for me (-Chorus) Sitting here on top of everywhere, what do I care Days never end, I know the voyage's end will soon be here Now eternal life is here for me And now I found the key, to the eternal dream (-Chorus)
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