Табы песни Nirvana - Been a son

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Табы к  Nirvana "Been a son"

Версия s: ^-upstroke if you play this one...all others down E|---0--0-----------0---(0)--0--------| B|---3--3-----------3---(3)--3--------| G|---2--2-----------2---(2)--2--------| repeat many times D|---0--0-----------0---(0)--0--------| A|---0--0---3-2-0---0---(0)--0---3-2-0| D|---0--0-----------0---(0)--0--------| Припев: E|------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------| G|------------------------------------| Repeat D|---5-5--3--X-2--2-------------------| A|---5-5--3--X-2--2--3-2-0------------| D|---5-5--3--X-2--2-------------------| Solo- There are many ways to play this solo...sometimes Kurt just played the Версия guitar part as the solo...but my version of the solo (quite pathetic unless you're playing with some other people to help make more noise! G|--6-6--4-3-1/6--6-6--4-3-1--| repeat a couple times then G|--/4-4--2--2-1--1-1-1-0-1-0--1/4--4--2--2-1--1-1-1-0-1-0-| etc.
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