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Аккорды, табы, видео к  Nirvana "On A Plain"

Intro (w/distortion) B(b5)/D#3(fdbk pitch D#3) E|----------------|--------------------------| B|----------------|----------------------h12-| G|--10------------|------------------h10-----| D|---9------------|----------------h9--------| A|----------------|--------------------------| E|--11------------|--10h11p10h11-------------| play that second part three times and hammer-on all notes with the fretting hand. Verse D G F E5 F5 E5 E|--2------------------------------------------------| B|--3---3-------0----0-------------------------------| G|--2---2---0---0----0---2---2----2----------------0-| D|--0---0---0---0--------3---3----3----------------0-| A|--0--------------------4---3----3---2--2--3--2-----| E|--------------3------------1----1---0--0--1--0-----| it goes like this (dashes included to line up some syllables with notes): D G F E5 F5 E5 I?ll start this off with-out an-y words... then the 'I love myself line...': D C53 B5 A5 E|--2------------------------------------------| B|--3---3--------------------------------------| G|--2---2--0--5--5--5--5--4---4--0--2--2--2--0-| D|--0---0--0--5--5--5--5--4---4--0--2--2--2--0-| A|------------3--3--3--3--2---2-----0--0--0----| E|---------------------------------------------| D C53 B5 A5 I love myself better than you... So the verse follows the first rythym figure twice, then the second figure for the refrain, then back to the first figure for the 'I know it's wrong...' line. D G F E5 F5 E5 D G F E5 F5 E5 D C53 B5 A5 D G F E5 F5 E5 As the chorus starts, play this figure and repeat it for the chorus: D5 G5 Bb6sus2 E|-----------------------------------------------| B|--3---3-----3---3----------1--1--1--1--1--1----| G|--2---2-----0---0----------0--0--0--0--0--0--0-| D|--0---0--0--0---0--0----3--3--3--3--3--3--3--0-| A|---------0---------0--0h1--1--1--1--1--1--1----| E|------------3---3------------------------------| D5 G5 Bb6sus2 D5 G5 Bb6sus2 I'm on a plain I can?t complain The bridge is the only easy part: F5 (133xxx) E5 (022xxx) A5 (x022xx) G5 (355xxx) Lyrics: I'll start this off without any words I got so high [that] I scratched ?till I bled I love myself better than you I know it's wrong so what should I do The finest day that I?ve ever had Is when I learned to cry on command I'm on a plain, I can?t complain My mother died every night it's safe to say don't quote me on that The black sheep got blackmailed again Forgot to put on the zip code Somewhere I have heard this before In a dream my memory has stored As defense I'm neutered and spayed What the hell am I trying to say It is now time to make it all clear To write off lines that don't make sense One more special message to go And then I'm done and I can go home

Аккорды под песню Nirvana - On A Plain

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B: 2 4 4 4 2 2наведи для 
D#(3): 3 4 3 5 6 xнаведи для 
D: 2 3 2 0 x xнаведи для 
G: 3 0 0 0 2 3наведи для 
F: 1 1 2 3 3 1наведи для 
E5: 0 x x x 2 0наведи для 
F5: 1 x x 3 3 1наведи для 
C5(3): 3 x 5 5 3 xнаведи для 
B5: 2 0 x x x xнаведи для 
A5: 0 x x 7 7 5наведи для 
D5: 5 3 2 0 0 xнаведи для 
G5: 3 3 0 0 x 3наведи для 

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