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Аккорды к  Syd Barrett "Effervescing Elephant"

G G7 An effervescing elephant with tiny eyes and great big trunk C C73 once whispered to the tiny ear, the ear of one in fear, you hear G that by next June he'd die, Oh yeah! D And the tiger would roam, the little one said, D7 "Oh my goodness -- I must stay at home! G G7 And every time I hear a growl, I'll know the tiger's on the prowl, C C73 And I'll be really safe, you know, the elephant, he told me so." G Everyone was nervous, Oh yeah! D D7 And the message was spread to zebra, mongoose and the dirty hippopotamus G G7 who wallowed in the mud and chewed his spicy hippo-plankton food C and tended to ignore the word, C73G referring to a survey I heard of stupid water bison D Oh yeah! And all the jungle took fright, D7 and ran around for all the day and the night, G But all in vain because, you see, the tiger came and said, G7 C "Who me? You know I wouldn't hurt not one of you -- C G I much prefer something to chew, and you're all too scant." C D G Oh yeah! He ate the elephant.
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